Encompassing the resources of tax professionals originating from law, accountancy and audit firms BKT Fulbright is able to provide specialized tax advice in respect of any aspect of a project or a specific operation and assess their results.  To extend our capabilities even beyond what a law firm may normally offer we have a financial department within the firm. As a result, our clients receive full range of services from the integrated team of the professionals covering all aspects of the clients' needs.

With the tax matters often being one of the key factors affecting the decision making process, our tax professionals are working in close cooperation with the lawyers from the other practice areas to ensure adequate assessment of the matter in its entirety, in particular, given the implications relating the application of the constantly evolving RF tax regulations and detailed scrutinizing of tax compliance often undertaken by Russian tax authorities.

Our professionals represent corporates and individuals on the full spectrum of tax laws, such as tax planning and assessment of tax perspectives of transactions, specific corporate or contractual arrangements including where these are related to cross-border transactions where international tax planning is required, advising on taxation and reporting requirements applying in relation to businesses, operations and assets and, in particular, on those concerning value added tax, one of the most complex taxes in Russia, profits tax, property tax, mineral extraction tax, personal income tax , other payroll taxes/payments as well as the other taxes.     

Whenever our client needs assistance in handling the claims from, negotiations or disputes with Russian tax authorities, such assignments may be referred to our specialists.